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Letter to the Editor: Crazy Al's


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I'm afraid the most important figure in the Crazy Al's saga was given short shrift. Jeff Bugbee is the man who owned the place the longest and was solely responsible for it being so open to new music. Bands like The Strugglers, Chooch & The Enchanters and solos including John Hiatt were playing Al's before it even crossed the street to the corner of its longer run. Bands were formed (Zero Boys, Latex Novelties and more) simply because he was so open to new things and provided a venue. And to suggest that the club lasted less than a year is to ignore its 4 year+ run. Sure, the menus and posters got fancy and some of the acts had bigger names under the new owners (who oversaw its demise) but that scene WOULD NOT have existed without the open mind and welcoming attitude of Jeff Bugbee. He made that place. Someone else just took the reins. And the credit.

- Randy King 


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