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Letter to the Editor on bike safety

A note from the head of the Central Indiana Bicycling Association


Safety bike from an advertising in a beauty book from 1889 - WIKIMEDIA COMMONS
  • WIkimedia Commons
  • Safety bike from an advertising in a beauty book from 1889

In recent weeks we have been horrified by the deaths of 5 cyclists in Kalamazoo, MI. And closer to home, a local bicyclist was struck in Hamilton County by an enraged pickup truck driver.

Especially in the summer months, bikes are everywhere: children exploring in their neighborhoods, cycling groups riding to breakfast, families exploring on the Monon or other local trails, distance cyclists enjoying our well-paved farm roads.

In Indianapolis and Carmel, city councils have passed three-foot passing laws. The statewide advocacy group Bicycle Indiana continues to seek passage of a state law requiring 3 feet when vehicles pass bicycles.

For safety’s sake, please give bicyclists at least three feet of clearance when passing.

There is no denying that some cyclists do not obey the traffic laws, running stop signs, riding more than two abreast. But the majority of cyclists just want to enjoy the wind in their helmets and the great outdoors. Remember that there is no real competition between a 2000 pound car and a 20-30 pound bicycle with a child/adult rider.

The CIBA Foundation strives to support SAFE cycling in our community – won’t you join us in this effort?

Dolly Craft
CIBA Foundation President


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