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Life Dances evokes laughters and tears


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April 2014, thirty-five elders gathered at the JCC to write a life story. Starting with “I remember,” they collectively filled 76 pages of what now is a published book. But between the initial pen on paper and autograph day, came a connection with DK dancers who read the original stories, each finding one that particularly moved them. Working together, writers and dancers became a production team getting to know each other, building trust, finding the core for effective choreography, consulting on music.

A set pattern ensued throughout the performance. A reading of the story either by the author or by DK’s Libby Harris or Paul Hansen was followed by a dance with projected photographs. DK dancers singly or in partnerships choreographed and performed their chosen story to bring forward the depths of survival and agonizing losses from World War II; joys of childhood romances; families touched by enduring love and heartbreaking losses. The choreography evoked laughter and tears coupled with amazement and amusement.

The recurring themes of faith, hope and perseverance were particularly relevant on The Day of Remembrance, the memory of Chrystalnacht. Stories were by Sandra Marek Behringer, Meyer Bronicki, Betty Carlin, Rita Casey, Eleanor Cohen, Joanna Day, Carol McElroy, Evvy Moss, Alex Star and Jim Trulock.

Dancers were: Stu Coleman, Brandon Comer, Philip Crawshaw, Emily Dyson, Jilian Godwin, Mariel Greenlee, Tim June, Aleska Lukasiewicz, Mandy Milligan, Caitlin Negron, Missy Trulock, Noah Trulock, Justin Sears-Watson and Zach Young.

Fine choices for costumes and lighting added to the overall excellence of the program.


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