Lilith Fair supporting pro-life propaganda?



Yep. There’s a real possibility part of your ticket price for this year’s Lilith fair stop in Indianapolis will be going to the Indiana Crisis Pregnancy Centers — now known simply as “Life Centers."

As in the past, organizers of Lilith Fair are partnering with different organizations in each city of the tour. Fans and concert-goes are being asked to vote which non-profit they would like to see receive $1 from each ticket. You can cast your vote on the Lilith Fair Facebook Fan page.

Here in Indianapolis, the finalists are:

Indiana Women in Need
Girls Inc.
Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Prevail Inc
Coburn Place
WINGS (Women in Need of Growing Strong)
and Life Centers

Life Centers is, by their own description, an organization whose "mission is to affirm the value of life by providing a network of care to those experiencing pregnancy-related crisis and by compassionately presenting biblical truth resulting in changed lives to the glory of God."

It makes absolutely no sense that Lilith fair would support an organization like Life Centers — there are innumerable reports of the deceptive practices this and similar organizations use in order to shame and scare women out of their legal right to reproductive choice.

These "pregnancy centers" are quite often not staffed by trained medical personnel, do not provide women with accurate medical information, nor do they present women with all their legal options. Even the "counselors" who meet with women in these centers often have no more training than a what is offered by their local church or anti-abortion organization.

And it’s not just me that’s pissed - and it's not just Indianapolis where this is being considered.

A Facebook page Lilith Fair: No Money For Crisis Pregnancy Centers! is up and running and gaining supporters everyday — particularly in the cities where these centers do real harm and are now poised to take a portion of Lilith Fair profits in order to continue doing so.

More on this soon…

(Click on the jump to read more about each the Indianapolis non-profits that are finalists to receive the Lilith Fair ticket donation in Indianapolis on July 20)




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