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Listen to Metavari's new release Tetra A.D. before their release show on Friday


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I have a request for you, dear reader.

I want you to find somewhere very dark. Maybe a closet. A garage? A basement, perhaps. Maybe your bed, with all the lights off.  I don't know — just do it.

I want you to take approximately three to five deep breaths, hit play on this record and close your eyes. I want you to set aside 20 minutes sansTwitter and news alerts and recurrent thoughts about our impending national doom to just listen, to swim in these sounds.

You feel better? I do.

Hear a live version of Metavari's new album Tetra A.D.  — surely, with accompanying light show — this Friday at the Hi-Fi, when Metavari plays alongside Marcus Alan Ward and Dream Chief. The show is free.

Nab Tetra A.D. via Mind Over Matter Records — although Metavari mastermind Nathaniel Utesch warns physical copies of the release are hyper-limited: 30 cassettes are available. (UPDATE: 20 vinyl records are also available for pre-order the night of the show.)

In the meantime, revisit our 2015 profile of Metavari, penned by Rob Peoni.


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