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Local Taste: Goose the Market


For those who wax nostalgic for a neighborhood grocer or long for a local market with a European feel, Goose the Market fits the bill perfectly. With an emphasis on quality, taste and flavor, this tiny corner market has quickly become mecca for many an Indy foodie.

A great chef, owner Chris Eley returned to Indianapolis after training and working in various restaurants in the Chicago area to open his own restaurant here. It didn't take long, however, for Eley and his wife Mollie to recognize the need and the niche for a local grocer in their new neighborhood and Goose the Market quickly evolved.

"By no means was this a dream of mine. I didn't want to be a butcher when I was 5 years old," saiys Eley. "My wife and I just liked the idea of being on the corner, of supplying homegrown products, like in a small European city."

Located at the intersection of North Delaware and 25th, Eley says that the neighborhood location allows him and his wife (when she isn't working as a middle school counselor) to recognize and be on a first-name basis with the majority of their customers who make frequent stops and purchases.

Eat fresh, buy local is the mantra at Goose, and the selection of food and drinks reflects both tenets fully. From seasonal fruits and vegetables, great cheeses and an exquisite meat selection, like chorizo, boneless rib eye, Italian sausage, and duck legs, Goose the Market also has a café that offers sandwiches (or a baguette), soups, cheeses, and funky flavors of gelato.

Take a walk downstairs, to their cellar, and see their wine selection that features numerous bottles, all for under $25. Also in the cellar is a wide variety of well-crafted beers and ales, from six packs to single bottles, as well as shelves full of condiments, spices, and sauces.

With the holiday season approaching, Eley preparations are already underway for what are quickly becoming traditional Goose the Market specials. "Every year around Thanksgiving, we offer free-range turkeys, sides and desserts from Country Mouse City Mouse, and wine pairings." For Christmas, they offer a selection of game birds, like pheasants and partridges, as well as gift baskets.

While Eley may not have grown up dreaming of being a neighborhood grocer, owning and operating Goose the Market has turned out, in many ways, to be a dream job. "I'm happy to be living and working in such an interesting neighborhood," says Eley. "And I'm fortunate to have such a strong clientele."


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