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Lockerbie Central, home of Earth House, announces building sale


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A crowd enjoying music at the Earth House - STACY KAGIWADA

Sad news from the Earth House / Lockerbie Central headquarters. After the closure of Earth House, Lockerbie UMC looked for other community arts organizations to fill the space. Unfortunately, they'll have to sell that space. Their release is below:

Dear Friends of Lockerbie Central and Earth House,

We hope the New Year has gotten off to a wonderful start for you. As you know, Earth House Collective, Lockerbie Central's community arts partner, closed down at the end of August. For the past four months the church has been working to find new partners for the church who could help us maintain our facilities and reopen the church as a gathering space for the community. Unfortunately, we have not succeeded in finding a suitable partner or partners. As a small community of faith, we cannot fund and maintain the building on our own. With sadness, we announce that our property will be going up for sale in February.


Earth House and Lockerbie Central have had a positive impact in many people's lives. We hope that the church's building will continue to be used in a way that blesses the community in downtown Indianapolis.

Thank you for all of your support and prayers over the past few months.

Lockerbie Central United Methodist Church


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