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Loitering in the library




Central Library (40 E. St. Clair Street) offers some great ambience for writing. I met a friend here, by the café that allowed us to bring our sandwiches upstairs, and now, more than three hours later, we are still sitting at a table on the sixth floor, quietly tapping away on our laptops. When words fail to leap into my head, I find myself looking out the series of windows to my left. My eye keeps settling on a sign advertising vacancies in the Plaza Apartments. My friend points out that the Turnverein has a pool. I find myself focusing on the numbered parking spaces of the lot below us, the traffic rushing by on I-70, the roofs of buildings with their air conditioners and vented boxes that I can’t identify. The silence and scenery are good for inspiration; I write an essay about a recent death in the family. I browse the Internet for a few minutes but find that I quickly get back to writing. Like last weekend, it seems that placing myself outside the home — and, as this is tragically my first visit to this library since its renovation roughly three years ago, I could also say I’m out of my comfort zone — is good for jarring loose that which needs to be said.

While I’m here, I decide to browse the calendar for events; perhaps I will luck out and stumble upon something happening yet today. I don’t find anything but I am encouraged by all that’s coming up, including a celebration of young poets next weekend, and a workshop about book publishing in October. I have long patronized the College Avenue Library (4180 N. College Avenue) because it’s been “my” library since my family moved to Indianapolis in 1985, but I know now to visit other branches more often.

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