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Looking for a Poet Laureate



It’s an exciting time for poetry in Indiana. This week, the Indiana Arts Commission has announced that it is accepting nominations for the next Indiana State Poet Laureate. There have only been two official Indiana Poet Laureates ever, so this is a very big deal!

Like the national laureate, Indiana’s Poet Laureate is an important representative for both poets and educational programs in our state. His or her duties will include giving formal presentations at different educational events, as well as offering advice to the Indiana Arts Commission.

Indiana had an informal poet laureate as early as 1929, but Governor Mitch Daniels made it official when he awarded the title to writer, artist and former state representative Joyce Brinkman in 2005. Our current laureate, Norbert Krapf, is a Lucille Medwick Memorial Award winner and a Pulitzer Prize nominee.

Obviously, whoever takes the title next is going to be someone very special.

If you are a current resident of Indiana and a published author (with experience in educational program development), you could be a perfect candidate for Poet Laureate. Just send a single page cover letter and a resume to Susan Britch at And if the IAC chooses you, make sure to mention us in your thank you speech!


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