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Lubriphonic: Chicago soul at Birdy's Nov. 19


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Lubriphonic’s busy and colorful album cover for recent release The Gig is On is like a living preview of the authentic, soulful, Chicago sound that waits inside. A silhouette of the Sears tower is visible in the distance; in the foreground, we peek at an animated inner city street corner with a graffiti artist using spray paint, street musicians playing a trombone and saxophone, and a couple of shady-looking characters in a car with a front license plate that reads, “LUBE”.

After an extended drum intro, the album opens with tenacity and jerks into kinesis with vocalist Giles Corey screaming, “I’m a rhino comin’ back!” in a stern, staccato voice. He contrasts in “Under The Line”, singing so fast he’s nearly scatting. But even here, at lightning speed, the lyrics remain coherent. And when he really does scat later on closing track “Whatever You Do Don’t Stop”, it’s also the right time to pull out other special effects such an intergalactic keyboard interlude and brief employment of a talk box. Three quarters of the way through the album, the CD’s title track “The Gig Is On” plays the funk card, rivaling a familiar Twin Cats bass line, while “Pay The Man” pays homage to Chicago with emotional, jazz-tinged blues. The Gig is On also features four songs with guest performer and legendary New Orleans keyboardist Ivan Neville. With most of the album’s 14 songs landing somewhere between four and six minutes, The Gig is On proves to be somewhat epic- a testament to the well-developed endurance of the immaculate musicians that Lubriphonic is made from.



"If There's A Hell Below (We're All Gonna Go)" feat. Ivan Neville

"The Gig Is On"

"The Getaway"

RELIX Magazine recently gave high praise for the band’s "superb, adventurous, diverse, simply mesmerizing instrumental work” and John Lynskey from Hittin' The Note proclaims that Lubriphonic "combines the best elements of old-school funk and edgy rock and roll.” Lubriphonic has performed at such prestigious festivals as Summerfest, Gathering of the Vibes, The High Sierra Music Festival, The Telluride Blues & Brews Festival, and were recently selected to open for Widespread Panic.

Next Friday November 19th, Lubriphonic will head south from The Windy City to bestow their funk, soul, and jazz onto Indianapolis. The show at Birdy’s will serve as the band’s local CD release, with opening festivities provided by fellow Chicagoans (and part-time Indy residents) Blue Moon Revue.

Hey, Mousetrappers! I’m sure The Flea Market Hustlers’ folksy bluegrass will be good and all, but there’s no denying the inevitable face melting that awaits you at Birdy’s next Friday. Come get a taste of Chicago’s finest music, right here in the comfort of your own city.


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