Manic Panic: Enviro PANIQuiz for the week



The ApocaDocs, Jim and Michael, present the Pre-Apocalypse News & Info Quiz (PANIQuiz) for the week, to test your knowledge of current environmental news.

Test yourself, test your friends, test your neighbors. And then run for the proverbial hills (because the literal hills, of course, are being strip-mined).

This Week's PANIQuestions (Answers below):

1. What was recently found in drinking glasses?

a. Faygo
b. Frankincense and Myrrh
c. Nanosuperheroes
d. Cadmium and lead
e. Milk contaminated with cookies

2. Why does South Carolina Republican Rep. Bob Inglis think he was defeated in the primary?

a. He refused to acknowledge global warming was true.
b. He acknowledged global warming was true.
c. He callled into question the existence of God.
d. He'd smoked pot.
e. He emitted too many carbons during his campaign.

3. What does a NASA say about large inland lakes around the world?

a. They are heating up — faster than air.
b. They are cooling down.
c. They are large and they are inland and they are all over the world.
d. They are not heating up at all.
e. They are heating up — the same rate as air.

4. What was the indication to West Virginians that fracking had ruined their water source?

a. Their arms and legs grew warts.
b. Their horses stopped drinking their water.
c. Their arms grew legs.
d. Their dogs died.
e. Their warts grew arms and legs.

5. Why are three environmental groups suing the EPA?

a. For better seats at Knicks' games.
b. To prevent lead poisoning of wildlife from ammo and tackle.
c. For poops and laughs.
d. Because three is better than two.
e. Because it's so effective!

6. What is a London Museum putting on display to educate people about global warming?

a. A thermometer
b. A video of the earth on fire
c. A window
d. An ice core from the Antarctic
e. A scientist

7. Why are Louisville, Kentucky, officials rewriting their city's toxic air reduction program?

a. To make life easier for small businesses and for their staff.
b. Too many local residents were getting respiratory illnesses.
c. Because it's too easy on polluters.
d. There were too many misspeled words.
e. Just to look busy until Jesus comes.


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