Manic Panic: This week's Enviro-PANIQuiz



The ApocaDocs, Jim and Michael, present their Pre-Apocalypse News & Info Quiz (PANIQuiz) to test your knowledge of current environmental news.

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This Week's PANIQuestions (Answers below):

1. What does a study in Nature Geosciences indicate about wildfires?

a. They are causing soil to shift from carbon sink to carbon source.
b. They are pumping more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than previously thought.
c. Climate change is is making them burn more fiercely.
d. Their fuel tends to be plant litter, moss and organic matter.
e. All of these answers, chillingly, are true.

2. According to a new USGS report, what is polluting American urban lakes and reservoirs?

a. Americans.
b. Seal coating from parking lots and driveways.
c. Decals that fall off of boats.
d. Cat and dog poop.
e. Scientists and their darn reports.

3. What do the Republicans poised to take House Chairs on Energy and Science have in common?

a. They believe in the Tooth Fairy.
b. They are climate change skeptics.
c. They have scabies.
d. They care about Mother Earth.
e. They are crooks.

4. What was discovered in a stick of butter in a Dallas grocery store?

a. PCBs
b. Really Mad Cow Disease
c. Flame retardants
d. Mad Cow Disease
e. Perfectly formed little sticks of butter

5. What did researchers discover in sturgeon in Columbia, Missouri?

a. A tiny scalpel.
b. A sense of purpose.
c. Mad fish disease.
d. Perfectly formed little sturgeon.
e. Fully developed sex organs of both a male and female sturgeon.

6. What does a panel who studied the BP blow-out recommend about the oil industry?

a. It should self-regulate itself.
b. It is evil and needs to be exorcised.
c. It sucks.
d. It was not at fault.
e. It should go out of business.

7. What do beetles, borers and blue tongue disease all have in common?

a. They'll all make your day!
b. They are all paint color names!
c. They are great in soups!
d. They're all migrating invasive species!
e. They all start w/ "B"!


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