Manic Panic: Your enviro-PANIQuiz for the week


The ApocaDocs'Pre-Apocalypse News & Info Quiz (PANIQuiz) for the week beginning Mon Jun 20, 2011 Brought to you by Michael and Jim, the ApocaDocs New Free Book, "Humoring the Horror of the Converging Emergencies" This Week's PANIQuestions (Answers below): 1. Experts in ocean sciences, in a new forum report, called the state of the oceans what? a. Trippy. b. Bummed out. c. Almost funny. d. Strong. e. Shocking. 2. What was the media reaction to Al Gore's Rolling Stone essay in which he writes "What we are doing is functionally insane"? a. Called for a second Nobel, or at least a Pulitzer. b. Focused on the two paragraphs that mildly criticized Obama. c. Acknowledged that they've been complicit in pretending that 97/3 = 50/50. d. Confronted the hard questions about a consume culture run amok. e. Came out with headlines worldwide: "Finally, Someone Said It!" 3. What was noted on the label of DuPont's "Imprelis" lawn/landscape herbicide? a. Do Not Compost b. Do Not Use c. Do Not Eat d. Do Not Copy e. Do Not Touch 4. Because of ug99, what will need to be replaced? a. WD-40 b. Barbara Feldon c. Virtually all wheat varieties d. Our immune systems. e. RoundUp™ 5. How are the news media responding to Fukushima these days? a. . b. By freaking out that yeah, it is a meltdown. Maybe three of 'em. c. By investigative analysis of the effect of the release of radioactive seawater back into the ocean system. d. By focusing on Wienergate and the Palin pair. e. By reporting on emails about blogs written about the facebook meme about the tweet making fun of the "fuk" in Fukushima. 6. What government policy was announced that sacrificed short-term profits for long-term stability? a. Canada cast the final vote to finally ban international trade in asbestos. b. China announced the "Grandfather's Path" plan to stop supplying "cheap consumer crap" to the world, and only export "cheap solar panels" by 2013. c. The Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada to Texas was rejected as too much a threat to the Oglala aquifer. d. Tanzania scrapped plans to build an asphalt road through migration country. e. Implementation of the Toobin Tax, a microtax on financial transactions, to create a climate mitigation fund. 7. In industrial insider emails, what terms were used to describe the natural gas industry's rush to fracking? a. Like Enron, from a former Enron executive working at an energy company. b. As possible "irrational exuberance" c. "inherently unprofitable" like the dot-coms. d. Like a Ponzi scheme. e. All of the answers are true.


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