Manic Panic: Your enviro-PANIQuiz




The ApocaDocs, Jim and Michael, present the Pre-Apocalypse News & Info Quiz (PANIQuiz) for the week beginning Monday, April 11, 2011, to test your knowledge of current environmental news.

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This Week's PANIQuestions (Answers below):

1. How were endangered vandace transported up the mountains of the Lake District, Sprinkler Tarn, to a better habitat?

a. By helicopter
b. By llama
c. By God
d. By ATV
e. In activists' mouths

2. What did a recent study say about indoor marijuana cultivation?

a. It's safer than outdoor cultivation.
b. It amounts to about 1 percent of national power consumption.
c. It burns more carbons than indoor soybean cultivation.
d. It, like, happens indoors.
e. The buds are waaaaay more potent, dude.

3. What is prompting citizens to drink bottled water in South Korea?

a. Clever, even diabolical, marketing.
b. Radiation leakage in Japan.
c. A tyrannical dictate.
d. The buried carcasses of 10 million diseased animals.
e. Better taste!

4. What does a new study say, comparing enviro-impacts of coal vs. natural gas from shale formations?

a. Regardless, they are better than leaking nuclear radiation.
b. Coal is, overall, dirtier.
c. Gas is, overall, dirtier.
d. Depends on whether the Koch brothers are running the show.
e. They are about the same.

5. What is causing "massive, ecosystem-wide changes" in the Huron and Michigan great lakes?

a. Invasive muscles
b. Fisherpeople
c. Global warming
d. Asian carp
e. Invasive mussels

6. What was recently found in 1 in 4 samples of US meat and poultry?

a. Little plastic army men
b. Veggies
c. Ebola
e. Ecoli

7. How far can a specific song of a humpback whale spread to other whales?

a. All the way 'round the world
b. 3000km
c. 1000km
d. 6000km
e. What's a km?

8. What did a recent study on nanosilver and soil indicate?

a. Nanosilver self-organizes into capillaries.
b. Sparkly soil is more attractive to worms.
c. Nanosilver kills off nitrogen-fixing microbes.
d. "Hi-yo!" sounds really funny when it's nano.
e. Soil prefers gold.


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