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Mass Ave Crit Redux


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  • Michelle Craig
Every year — well, for the last seven, anyway — NUVO hosts the Mass Ave Crit (or MAC, as we lovingly call it.) The Criterium races, winding around a triangle that include two you-gotta-be-kidding-me turns, use Mass Ave's storefronts and the famous "Dancing Lady" as a backdrop for the daylong event. More than 400 riders entertained 5,000 spectators on Aug. 2, 2014.
Here you'll find photos and videos from the event. We'd like to invite you to post your own photos and videos at the Mass Ave Crit Facebook page.

Results are as follows:

Men, Singlespeed

Ray Smith

Andrew Boyd

Jonathan Persinger

Men, Categories 1/2/3

Jeffrey Pendlebury

Chad Burdzilauskas

Devin Clark

VIDEO: 2014 Mass Ave Criterium, Men Cat 1,2,3 (Final 3 minutes); Front camera: Stephan Hirsch, Bissel-ABG-Biant. Rear camera: Birdman, Texas Roadhouse

Men 3/4

Craig Stokan

Michael Atkins

Christopher Coslow

VIDEO: 2014 Mass Ave Criterium, Men Cat 3 (Final 3 minutes); Rear camera: Josh Kush, Team Indie Bike. Front camera: Miles Johnson, Team Indie Bike

Men 4

Grant Goldman

Tyler Hart

Joseph Hatley

Men 5

Robert Frangi

Thomas Turi

Brandon Fry

Master 40+

Ben Weaver


Chris Richter

Master 50+

John P. Schmitz

Chris Kroll

Brent Vanlandingham

VIDEO: 2014 Mass Ave Criterium, Men Masters 40+/50+ (Final 3 minutes)

Junior M15-18

Victor Popov

Nathaniel Ganger

Ryan Bredemeyer

Junior M10-12

Jae Walters

Will Johnson

Marek Hayes

Women 1/2/3

Sierra Siebenlist Scarlet Fire

Shera Clark Clarksville Schwinn

Jane Vani-Noone Scarlet Fire

VIDEO: 2014 Mass Ave Criterium, Women Cat 1,2,3 (Final 3 minutes);Last three laps from the winner's rear camera - Sierra Siebenlist

Women 3/4

Ali Oesch

Natalie Smith

Emma Caughlin

Junior W 10-12



Annikah Beecham

And lest we forget ...

The Mascot Race

Mayor Greg Ballard


Freddy Fever


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