Melanie Martinez

When: Sat., March 12, 8 p.m. 2016

Melanie has spent the past few months celebrating the release of her debut album, Cry Baby, on a hugely successful sold out North American headline tour. When we interviewed her last week, she told us about who Cry Baby is, and what parts of her writing intersect with real life: “After writing it realized while I was putting together the track list that it also told a story that was similar to my life but also very different just because of the whimsical fairy tale element that I like to throw in there while writing songs just because I like telling stories. A lot of the stories that I tell — some of them are based off of personal experience, most of them, but there are songs that are like ‘Tag You’re It,’ or ‘Milk and Cookies.’ Those two songs on the album are when Cry Baby gets kidnapped by the Big Bad Wolf. In “Milk and Cookies” she escapes and …. That obviously did not happen to me, but it’s definitely fun writing stories like that to go along with other stories that are kind of personal because it’s like a mix of my life, and also Cry Baby who is this character that I play, even though we are both very similar.”

Price: $25 advance, $30 doors

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