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Mellencamp announces 2010 Farm Aid headed to Milwaukee



John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson announced Monday that the 25th anniversary Farm Aid concert will take place on October 2 at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It will be the first Farm Aid concert to be held at a Major League Baseball stadium.

Farm Aid has been held in Indianapolis twice, in 2001 (Verizon/Deer Creek) and 1990 (Hoosier Dome)

The venerable - and proudly grass-roots - organization makes a stop each year in a different US city, and has done a commendable job of staying on message (save the family farm) while tapping into a renewed consumer desire for organic and non-factory farm products. Farm Aid has raised nearly $37 million to help keep family farmers on their land.

Farm Aid regulars Nelson, Mellencamp, Young and Dave Matthews will again headline Farm Aid, which will be broadcast via DirecTV and on the web. Tickets will go on sale August 14. The full lineup will be released at a later date.

Mellencamp uses the announcement as a chance to lobby for a Nobel Prize for Nelson.
“Whoever does this Nobel Peace Prize business should look at Willie Nelson,” Mellencamp said during the webcast. “He has helped millions and millions of people and entertained millions and millions of people. It’s 25 years of commitment. Myself and Neil [Young] work from the neck down. Willie is the brains.”

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