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And while we're ransacking the Internets for stuff of interest, we'll take this opportunity to point you to the newest Musical Family Tree mixtape, which features just a slew of stuff worth giving a listen. Available as a zip download here — — it's compiled by the well-informed tour guide Dan Fahrner, who's doing a valuable service in highlighting some of the better tracks from the voluminous MFT archive, which is hard to navigate precisely because it's so gloriously egalitarian.

Also, there's a post by John P. Strohm worth reading concerning his devoting himself again to songwriter, despite all the distractions attendant with raising a family, working a job, etc.

A couple years back on MFT, Strohm posted a well-crafted, fascinating and perhaps dangerously honest tour diary about much of his working and performing life (with the Lemonheads, Blake Babies, Antenna, etc). It has since been taken down, but I hope it someday finds a more permanent home — MFT founder Jeb Banner has even spoken about publishing it. It's the kind of thing to look for on MFT, which can lie basically dormant for a week or two before someone smart, well-informed, etc. feels compelled to speak her/his mind.


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