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MFT releases new 15-song Indiana music mixtape



Our friends over at Musical Family Tree (musicalfamily have launched a June mixtape via their website. It includes 15 cuts from Indiana bands, and, as always, is a hit-and-miss project; the hits are sweet surprises and the misses more a result of poor recording conditions than an inherently terrible song.

So, it's all good, right? Especially when we consider that Daniel Farhner, the man behind the mix, does such a great job on a site that (I think) is undervalued and not nearly well enough known. The mixtape remains a good way to acquaint yourself with some rock/pop/punk/American music made by people who live here.

The best tracks this month come from early 2000's band Pop Lolita and Rodeo Ruby Love. Plus, the digital release leads off with the new, infectious Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band cut "Clap Your Hands".

Beyond how the mix helps me find both good and bad unheard music, you gotta love the different ways in which you can hear it: download the whole thing, stream it and easily link to other cuts by each bands once you choose to listen to the featured cut.

Rodeo Ruby Love
  • Rodeo Ruby Love

Pop Lolita's song "Luton Millwall Riot" brings to mind REM, Cheap Trick, the Go-Go's and The Monkees. (We also recommend staying on their page of tunes to hear "Bullseye", from their only released album. 2002'sSmoke Rings and Halos, and other songs from that album that sound good eight years later.)

The band played a reunion show, on stage together for the first time in seven years, at the Vogue on Friday night (June 4) and have already mentioned that there will be more shows and new music.

Rodeo Ruby Love conjures a power pop guitar sound on their 2010 album cut, from This is Why We Don't Have Nice Things release. MFT highlights the sounds-like-a Barenaked-Ladies-song "America's Funniest Home Videos," a tune that features joyous horns R&B-ing near the end, so I am hooked right there.

Download MFT Mixtape (June)
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