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Midwest Fashion Week's The Art of Fashion



The week-long traveling couture roadshow that is Midwest Fashion Week ran headlong into two-dimensional art Thursday night at the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art for “The Art of Fashion.”

“We wanted to improve fashion in Indiana by combining art with fashion,” said MFW guru Berny Martin at the event’s opening. “Now, fashion is already art, but this was bringing together two specific fields. Art influenced by art.”

Designs from Larry Fuhs, Rebecca Isaacs of 86 couture and the International Interior Design Association had a wildly theatrical sense of flair. Fuhs did most of his work with upholstery; Isaacs used plastics, metal and, in one case, stretched-out neon nylon to assemble the avante-garde designs.

“My theme is recycled materials; it’s a fun outlet,” Isaacs says. “Anything from plastics to metals to overalls. I really liked the concept of combining it with an art display. It’s an amazing backdrop and it makes the clothing itself even more exciting.”

Exciting is the right word. The event carried an air of fun about it; even the models who adopted pouty demeanors had a sense of genuinely enjoying themselves. DJ Stephan kept a steady and peppy beat throughout the night, and you haven’t seen fashion until a model does the robot in front of modern art. The crowd members themselves were so fashionable that you couldn’t really tell who the models were until you watched for a few moments to figure out who was milling around and who was staying in one place. Fashion piled upon fashion, art influencing art.


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