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Midwest Hype and the art of staying fresh



Midwest Hype
  • Midwest Hype

Midwest Hype has a sound all its own, pulling inspiration from an eclectic pool of musical styles. Although often categorized as a jam band, Midwest Hype plays songs veering from spacey instrumentals and mind-altering sounds. The band focuses on fun lyrics, groovy tunes and the art of staying fresh.

Midwest Hype
fresh Colorful Love
"The Mexican"

The men of Midwest Hype have spent the last two years successfully spreading their funk across the Indiana music scene. The summer of 2010 has proven to be their most prosperous yet, including high profile gigs at the Indy 500 and Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, Ill. Notable performances still on the schedule before festival season closes include Head Jamz in Adams, Tenn.; Wuhnurth in Spencer, Ind.; and Knollfest in Indianapolis.

Certainly, it is Midwest Hype’s stage presence that makes their live show so much fun. The on-stage banter and crowd engagement makes onlookers feel like they’re hanging with old pals in someone’s basement, getting stoned and cracking jokes at each others' expense. Frequent collaboration with distinguished local hip hop celebrities (most recently Rusty Redenbacher of Mudkids and Ric Jilla, The Pride of Indiana) adds variety and vocal texture. Furthermore, The Hype’s paramount sense of style (teeming with neon colors, silly graphics and brazen accessories) sets them apart from their bohemian jam band brothers and sisters in the Midwest music network.

Midwest Hype
LIVE at The Mousetrap
"Ben's Kitchen Blues"

Midwest Hype feat. Rusty Redenbacher
LIVE at The Mousetrap
"Another Journey"

Midwest Hype’s 2009 debut album, fresh Colorful Love, presents a generous collection of 14 songs alternating from laid-back dub to quirky pop. It’s funky rock with a little hip hop, finished with a pinch of jazz.

Midwest Hype is currently preparing for studio time this winter to begin work on their sophomore album. They’ve already met with three prominent producers who specialize in various genres and they will meet with one more while in Tennessee for Head Jamz. The close of festival season will signify new music and studio time for the seven-piece band from LaPorte. The band anticipates an EP release by spring of 2011.

Catch Midwest Hype next in the Circle City Friday, September 10 at The Mousetrap (with Strange Arrangement) and October 2 at Knollfest.



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