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Mix of the Week: Bird Peterson "Drankenstein"




I'm willing to venture a guess that most fans of southern hip hop are not conscious fans of trance music, but after listening to Bird Peterson's latest offering, many might be scouring Beatport playlists for their new favorite songs.
"Drankenstein" is Bird's latest sonic concoction, fusing popular trance synth melodies with southern rap acapellas. More than a simple mashing of songs, Bird actually creates all new tracks using samples and bits from these songs combined with all new drum programming and sequencing. While the trance/hip hop collaboration may seem like a bit of a stretch, southern hip hop has long employed the use of trance synth keyboard presets, owed much in part to Lil Jon. Think Usher's "Yeah" if you're having trouble imagining it. Or, just check out the mix.

Bird Peterson - "Drankenstein" (Courtesy of Mad Decent)


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