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Mixture's crash course in cocktails



"Mixture came about because we've seen and been a part of the Indianapolis cocktail scene growing over the past five years. With PDX and Tails [of the Cocktail] and Paris of the Plains (similar craft cocktail events in other cities), and we wanted to do something that would show off what Indianapolis has to offer," said USBG member Lindy Brown, also a sommelier at Neal Brown Hospitality Group. 

"There are still plenty of people who are still not aware of the craft cocktail movement, so year one, we are making it completely consumer-focused, highlighting some of the best bars in Indianapolis. Next year, we'll be doing seminars and it will be more of a cocktail tour and expo." Brown hopes the tour will help usher along a new awareness and appreciation of the cocktail scene that might help us catch up to nearby cities with a more developed scene. Not to mention that it's going to be an insanely good deal.

If you're familiar with DigIN, Mixture will function much the same way with a check-in down on Georgia Street, and a passport that will get punched at every participating bar. You'll be able to grab sample cocktails from spots like Milktooth, Union 50, Bluebeard, Platt 99 and whole mess of other bars in Indy's cultural districts. You can get a $50 ticket for one night or a discounted $85 ticket for both. Don't miss this opportunity to familiarize yourselves with the very best in local craft cocktails.

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When: June 19-20

Where: various locations around Indianapolis

Tickets: $50-85 at


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