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This Saturday, newly crowned “Best Local Website” will host the second annual Mojostock Music Festival in Noblesville. The city’s largest social networking website, Indy Mojo prides itself in this annual assemblage of its eclectic community for a day of music and dance. In more ways than one, celebration is in order.

Mojostock 2009
  • Mojostock 2009

Last year, approximately 250 attendees gathered at the Sleepybear Campgrounds (directly across from the Verizon Wireless Music Center) to enjoy eight hours of music at the single-day festival. True to their roots, IndyMojo billed all local talent for the 2009. Furthermore, the stage was opened early in the afternoon, allowing Mojo’s own musically inclined members to perform for their friends before the official lineup began to play.

This year, owners Jason King and Shawn Smith guarantee a bigger and better party than last year. Following current trends in summer music festivals, King discusses the most notable change from 2009 to 2010. “We’ve added an entire second stage that will feature 18 different DJ’s during the festival.” This comes as no surprise to anyone in tune with local music; over the last year, IndyMojo has been diligently working to book and promote events that facilitate the natural fusion of the jam and electronic scenes. Mojostock will be a reflective opportunity to step back and bask in the glory of those efforts. To accommodate the EDM performers and their massive, loyal fanbase, a carpeted 24,000 square foot tent will be erected opposite the main stage. Heavy bass, laser baths, fire poi, and glowstick ninjas are certain to be plentiful.

Mojostock 2009
  • Mojostock 2009

Prominent acts scheduled for the EDM Stage include
Adam Jay (returning to Indianapolis after a recent tour in Spain) will perform a live PA set, his last one in Indy for 2010
Psynapse, known as Dubstep Jesus, will bring a full supply of his signature grimey dubstep beats
Nuvo blogger and Hit The Decks host Rudy Kizer will play a selection of cutting edge, fresh tunes from his extensive arsenal of today's newest music

Mojostock headliners The Twin Cats are also expected to draw attendees from their dedicated Indianapolis-based family of support. No strangers to the festival scene, The Twin Cats have performed for audiences at noteworthy national events such as Summer Camp and Head Jamz. The Cats also enjoy a regular presence at local Indiana festivals including Knollfest, Wuhnurth, and Springfest.

In addition to the unique jazz-inspired funk that The Twin Cats have built their incomparable reputation around, Mojostock’s Jam Stage is also pleased to present:
• acoustic/electric sounds and high intensity spaced out jams from Hyryder (Indianapolis, IN)
• Mojostock Last Act Winner and reggae/hip hop/jazz/funk band Midwest Hype (La Porte, IN)
• Acoustic Live Challenge Champion Jamie Nichole (Martinsville, IN)
• Newly formed local super group Pocket Fullah Nasty (comprised of Rory Connolly & Kris Edwards of the The Great Hookup, Steve Smith of Fernhead, and Josh Brunner of the Session Brothers)
• 1/2 Pound of Bluegrass featuring Grant Newton (Indianapolis, IN)

The Indy Mojo community is buzzing with talk of the organization’s most anticipated event of the year.


Caralyn Glass, an advertising executive for The Indianapolis Star, admits she was not in attendance for the inaugural Mojostock, but confirms it has been the most talked about event of the year by everyone who did. “[IndyMojo members] that were there speak about it in hushed, almost reverential, tones. It's crazy. And no one's stories are ever the same.”


Dawn Nowakoski, a special education assistant for IPS, and her daughter Arian will be attending their first music festival ever together on Saturday. “It could be our most amazing shared experience to date!”


Christopher Noland, a Knova Software customer support analyst by day who also performs as a DJ under the moniker Hollowpoint, believes Mojostock has something to offer for everyone- not just music lovers. “Some people just aren’t connected to the dance scene in Indianapolis, while others haven't heard of more than one of the bands performing. Mojostock is a great way to get all of those split groups together and remind us that even though we all enjoy different things, we can all get together for the common goal of having a raged-out badass party!” He continues, “Not to mention opening some minds/eyes/ears to some of the BEST local talent Indy has to offer! This is definitely the social event of the summer.”

Mojostock 2009
  • Mojostock 2009

Mojostock 2009
  • Mojostock 2009

Mojostock 2009
  • Mojostock 2009


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