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MojoStock is back


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MojoStock is back. Back again. MojoStock is back, tell a friend.

The two-night music festival took 2014 off but is back this year and bound to be better than ever. The local music festival put on by IndyMojo takes place at Sleepybear Campground, located directly across the street from Klipsch Music Center. This year’s lineup is loaded with national acts, regional acts and a plethora of local acts as well. Out-of-town headliners include The Main Squeeze, Archnemesis, and the biggest name on the lineup, Vaski. Now based out of Los Angeles, the Minneapolis born producer has been lighting up the electronic music scene in the past year. For fans traveling to the Forest this year here is a great chance for you to see him on a much more intimate level.

But MojoStock has been successful in years past because it caters to Hoosiers, and this year is no different. The lineup is focused around giving Indiana acts a shot at playing in front of their fans at a festival, not just another cramped venue. I could list out all the Indiana acts on the bill but it'd be a list longer than either of us want to read.

Instead, I'll bring your attention to a performance that I, along with others, highly recommend checking out; the debut performance of Sweater Vest. Here's how IndyMojo founder Jason King described it, "(It's) the electronic brainchild of former Cosby Sweater (Turbo Suit) and current Native Sun Drummer/Producer Richard "Sleepy" Floyd, joined by Ashton Kleemann (of Eumatik) and Phil Geyer (of The Twin Cats) on keyboards and Rob Walker on bass."

Set times for Friday and Saturday. - FACEBOOK: MOJOSTOCK EVENT PAGE
  • Facebook: MojoStock Event Page
  • Set times for Friday and Saturday.

If you just said "holy shit," then you're in the same boat as me. Richard "Sleepy" Floyd's last show as drummer for Cosby Sweater was fantastic and this really is an all-star cast of local band members.

That emphasis of keeping a local flavor to the festival is something King reiterated “We try and keep MojoStock close to home - both geographically and artistically. That, in turn, keeps our ticket price low and draws a very homegrown group of attendees.”

Ticket prices at the gate for both nights are $60 and $30 for Saturday only, if supplies last. This is a steal folks.

And like any other festival, MojoStock is about more than just music. Several new activities are planned for Saturday including face painting by local artist Julie Young, an art wall for attendees to share their artistic side and a flow arts skill share for all the hoopers out there.

And how could I forget the one thing that MojoStock allows that many other big name festivals don’t - camping. It's held at a campground after all. So bust out the tent, head out to Sleepybear and enjoy the great weather (fingers crossed), great music and the great outdoors.


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