Money escapes Garda truck, sparks ethical debate



  • Image via Wikimedia Commons

Indianapolis may not have had a lot of rain over the past months, but on Wednesday, October 5, money seemed to be falling from the sky instead.

As per a report by WTHR:

An accident in downtown Indianapolis sent thousands of dollars flying into the street. [...]

The three bundles that fell off the truck held about $1.4 million. About $20,000 flew to the wind. Garda, the armored car company, retrieved most of it.

Not surprisingly, pedestrians on the street immediately began gathering up the money as quickly as they could. What is surprising, however, is that people seem more interested in critiquing the ethics of those who picked up the money than the fact that the money fell out of the truck in the first place. Or even that once it happened the driver failed to notice and continued driving.

When wads of cash are being flung into the streets of downtown Indy from a Garda truck, a vehicle designed for the specific purpose of safely and securely transporting large amounts of money from point A to point B, is it really an appropriate time to point fingers?

Regardless of the ethics of the situation, its a safe bet that whoever the money belonged to is wishing they had used a Brinks truck instead.


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