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(More) Dude Fest pipe dreams: Dillinger Four


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While pondering further Dude Fest possibilities, Dillinger Four immediately came to mind (after Insane Clown Posse, of course). The four-piece would be a perfect fit on the festival’s roster. Sure, their music is a little more melodic than say, Skeletonwitch or most of the standard Dude Fest bands, but Dillinger Four has earned a place in the hearts of many in the hardcore world.

Founded in 1994 in the (surprisingly) musically hip city of Minneapolis (ever heard of The Replacements?), D4 made a name for themselves with their down-to-earth, yet over-the-top brand of hardcore pop punk. Their lyrics were always insightful, intelligent and often humorous. Their working class poetry makes Bruce Springsteen sound like Tracy Chapman.

On their 2008 album, Stay Positive, fellow Minneapolitans The Hold Steady tipped their hat to D4 by referencing their alcoholic anthem "Doublewhiskeycokenoice" in the song “Constructive Summer”; me and my friends are like/ doublewhiskeycokenoice/ we drink along in double time/ we drink too much but we feel fine.” This is just the tip of the iceberg of how influential D4 is in the underground music world.

Sadly, the band hasn’t paid much attention to the Circle City. Their last show here was an opening gig for Avail and Leatherface at the Emerson in September 2000. 10 years is far too long. It’s time for them to come back. I can’t think of a more triumphant return to the city than for them to play Dude Fest 2010.

I have a feeling that Dillinger Four would fit in nicely at Dude Fest...
  • I have a feeling that Dillinger Four would fit in nicely at Dude Fest...

I know Derek Black has already attempted to book them, but I think that if we harass the band enough about it on their myspace page, they will eventually cave in (right?). But regardless of if the play Dude Fest or not, Indianapolis could definitely use some Dillinger Four.


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