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More Indianapolis restaurants close up shop

Goodbye to gelato, Scratch burgers and brunch

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Cafe Nonna is officially closed and will be sold off on January 9. - CAFE NONNA FACEBOOJ
  • Cafe Nonna Facebooj
  • Cafe Nonna is officially closed and will be sold off on January 9.
2017 has now seen three Indianapolis restaurants shutter their doors, following a slew of closings towards the end of 2016.

Scratchtruck was ranked in the Top 101 food truck in the US before it closed December 23, 2016 - PHOTO COURTESY OF SCRATCHTRUCK.
  • Photo courtesy of Scratchtruck.
  • Scratchtruck was ranked in the Top 101 food truck in the US before it closed December 23, 2016
Close to Christmas we lost one of the most beloved food trucks in the city when Scratchtruck announced it's untimely closure. The food truck had served the city for nearly six years and had garnered an incredible amount of praise. The last we had heard the owners were looking to open a brick and mortar establishment and then on December 23, owner Matt Kornmeyer announced via Scratchtruck's blog: 
"It has been a fun, yet difficult journey these past 6 years. I would like to thank my family for supporting me, even though they rarely saw me. Our employees, for helping me along this journey, and having the patience as we were making a lot of this up as we went and finally to our customers. Without you, we would not have made it past the 1st year. Thank you for giving us a try and embracing what we were trying to accomplish.

As I move on to the next chapter of my life, I will always remember the time that was spent the memories that were made on “the big red truck”"
Just three days into the new year we saw the closing of Bourbon Street Distillery.

And now, just five days into 2017, we have two more closures. The first comes to the Holy Rosary neighborhood where Café Nonna gelato shop announced on January 4 via Facebook:
To all of our Facebook Friends & Family -

As some of you may have seen in our window (and due to circumstances beyond our control) the space and business is going to be auctioned off this coming Monday, January 9th.

We have had such a wonderful experience sharing our family history and recipes with you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our business and our family. We could not have had the successful two years without all of you!

La vita e un sogno. [Life is but a dream]

Thank you for making ours come true.
The gelato shop that also offered up some delicious meatballs and one of the best Italian sausage sandwiches you'll ever have, is officially closed after just over a year and a half in business.

We also received a notification that a favorite brunch stop in Zionsville is now closed. Rita Kohn, NUVO's Beer Maven sent a late night e-mail with this news about Patrick's Kitchen:

"Alas, Another Closing

Patrick’s Kitchen in Zionsville was ahead of the curve a decade ago with beer tastings and beer and food pairings. Patrick and Beth Mullens brought their zest for all things craft from a fruitful tenure at Bloomington Brewing Company/Lennie’s. Zionsville seemed like a perfect place to emphasize farm to plate before it became rampant.

The official release came at turn of the new year: “We regretfully announce the closing of our restaurant at the end of 2016.

It was a great ten years, and we are so grateful to our loyal guests for your support and patronage.

Our restaurant was always about hospitality. Over the past ten years, we have met wonderful people, and made fast friends. We've seen some of our employees go on to do great things. We've seen a lot of young people become adults. We are proud of our contribution to the community, and feel that we've been more than just a place to eat, and more than just a job for our staff. We want to thank each of our employees, past and present, for their hard work and their dedication to hospitality.

We will keep you informed with what we are planning for the future. We'd like to thank our guests, and the community, for a wonderful run. We have always thought of Patrick's as belonging to Zionsville, and we were just the caretakers.

—-Beth and Patrick”

Mullens assures us the well-loved smokehouse treats will continue in partnership with Danny Boy Brewing Company in Carmel."

We here at NUVO wish all of the incredible people that brought us these establishments the best of luck, it's hard to see so many places that are beloved by so many people around the city having to close up their operations.

Let this be a reminder to continually support your favorite places. Become a regular; return time and time again and invite your friends. In a market where we are constantly seeing new restaurants open it can be hard to remember the places that have been there for us over the years. Let's make 2017 a year where we are mindful of the places we've always loved. 


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