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More (neo)-futurism: Decay/Sustain, Blank Slate



I wanted to mention the Intermedia Festival yesterday, but I also don't want to neglect a couple more gatherings for artists experimenting with all manner of new sounds: Decay/Sustain, what bodes to be an impressive multimedia experience presented by Asthmatic Kitty, Joyful Noise and Transpanther (April 9 at Big Car/Mt. Comfort); and Blank Slate 2, a celebration of improvised music featuring several Audio Recon artists (April 3 at the Earth House).

Decay/Sustain will feature contributions by several Asthmatic Kitty artists, including Ecuadorean-born studio rat Roberto Carlos Lange, who will perform in two of his guises, Helado Negro (at 7:30 p.m.) and Epstein (9 p.m.); recent AK signee (just announced today!) Julianna Barwick (8:15); and Jookabox (midnight) — as well as several bands on Joyful Noise: Kid Primitive Family (9:45), Berry (10:30), Abner Trio (11:15) and Jookabox. It's extra-nice when you say it twice. Also, art by DM Stith, Jonathan Dueck, Ryan Irvin and John Berry will remain on the walls all month (opening April 2 at the PlopLop show). $5 entry fee.


A whole slew of preview tracks:

Helado Negro, "Dahum"

Julianna Barwick, "Cloudbank"

Epstein, "Gallop"

Kid Primitive Fam, "The Sun"

Berry, "Out"

Abner Trio, "You're Gorgeous"

Jookabox, "LIGHT"

And coming up this weekend is the second edition of the improvised music festival Blank Slate, which will run from 6-11 p.m. at the Earth House ($10 cover, $7 for kids and old folks). Music downstairs in the cafe and upstairs in the sanctuary. Artists performing include Detroit free-jazz trumpeter James Cornish, Columbus, Ohio jazz ensemble Wizards, some folks in the Audio Recon camp (e. Brown, Neil Cain), multimedia artists and IUPUI instructor Jordan Munson and some dudes from art-metal band Basilica.

We've got preview tracks for Blank Slate as well, in nearly inscrutable, freeform podcast form.

Here's your (sort-of) key to the podcast provided by e. brown on the Audio Recon site:

1. Excerpt of Dan Godston at Myopic Books on 1-11-2009 - 2nd half

2. Ways & Means Trio: Dan Godston (trumpet, small instruments), Jayve Montgomery (reeds, percussion), & Joel Wanek (upright bass, percussion) — performing at the SpareRoom on October 15, 2005

3. Section Con Gerard
a) the long track is Wizards; b) the track with strings is from a recording led by Hasan Abdur-Razzaq: on drums is Ryan Jewell; c) The track with tenor and piano is Andy Meyer and I’s duo.

4. e. Brown

5. “bees and beekeepers” excerpt from a Dan Godston recording

6. nero04 is a James Cornish track

7. “bamboo grove at the Spice and Fruit Park” a recording by Dan Godston


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