More recycling woes in Broad Ripple



Eco-conscious Broad Ripple residents have encountered an unexpected stumbling block in their efforts to reduce their environmental impact.

As per a Jan. 3 report by Fox59 News:

Broad Ripple Park is just one of several recycling spots designed to help Indianapolis become one of the most sustainable cities in the Midwest but the recycling bins were packed to the brim and overflowing Monday. [...]

Even after a truck dropped an empty bin, there was still so much recyclable material left on the ground that when nearby recyclers pitched in, the new bin was half-full again.

Recyclers said they are just trying to do their part even though the city has not come up with a way to deal with the volume. [...]

Until that happens, recyclers will just have to make multiple trips.

These unkept recycling bins are in direct opposition to Indy’s above stated dream of becoming “one of the most sustainable cities in the Midwest,” and forcing would-be recyclers to burn fossil fuels by traveling back and forth, hoping for an empty bin, is an even bigger set-back.

Recycling in Broad Ripple has encountered snags before (see Growing Green: Recycling in Broad Ripple), but those issues revolved around available parking space, which has long served as a prohibitor to expanding the recycling program.

This time, the containers in question are located in Broad Ripple Park, not in the cramped heart of the village itself, and the bins are filling up much faster than the city empties them.

It’s good, in a ‘the glass is half full’ sort of way, that recycling has grown so popular in Indy that the old method of collecting the material is no longer up to par. However, all optimism aside, everyone can agree that there is the potential for vast improvement.

Bloomington dealt with a trash collection problem similar to the one seen in Broad Ripple by installing solar-powered compacting garbage cans around the city, a move that is actively reducing their carbon-footprint since crews do not have to go out and empty the bins as often.

Judging by the overflowing bins of recyclable material awaiting pick-up, Indy residents are more than willing to do the leg-work involved in reducing their environmental impact. All that remains to be seen is if the city is also up for the challenge.

Broad Ripple's overflowing recycling bins
  • Broad Ripple's overflowing recycling bins


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