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Museum of Psychphonics Openings

When: Fri., March 4, 5 p.m. 2016

This delightfully unhinged gallery is the “spiritual sibling of the 24-Hour Church of Elvis, the Museum of Jurassic Technology, Marvin Johnson’s Gourd Museum,” etc. Here’s a description of the museum in full, because we really cannot do Michael Kaufmann and Kip Normand’s project rewriting justice: “We live in a world where all things not-strange are propped up as a fiction of normalcy. We aim to corrupt this charade with a new normal — a psychphonic disruption, a shared consciousness built upon outlawed narratives and talismans. It is a temple, a secret mechanical garden, an extraterrestrial portal, a museum for the post-internet age. Within this trans-dimensional sanctuary you will discover curiosities documenting the great counter-conspiracy that is continually waging battle against the threat of big Silence.” A zine curated by Benjamin and Janneane Blevins, and featuring the writing of a variety of local writers, will be showcased. Oreo Jones, Sedcairn Archives and DJ Little Town will provide sonic accompaniment.

Price: Free.

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