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Music at the Murphy: MOKB Presents


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The Lumineers will perform a studio session in the DO317 Lounge. - SUBMITTED PHOTO
  • Submitted Photo
  • The Lumineers will perform a studio session in the DO317 Lounge.

It’s no secret that the Murphy Art Center is home to some of the city’s most progressive and established artists. New exhibits and studios open there regularly and the crowds on IDADA’s First Fridays continue to grow unabated.

As if all the already existing art and music weren’t enough, two local outfits are preparing to fill the space with exponentially more music. Read on for info about MOKB Presents’ new space.

Just down the hall from the Joyful Noise office resides the brand new DO317 Lounge, whose occupants have been furiously working for just over a month to outfit the former Big Car Gallery space.

DO317, an interactive calendar associated with MOKB Presents, serves as a database of events and venues in the city and now has a permanent place to call home. Craig “Dodge” Lile and Josh Baker spoke to me about the new office cum performance space that will hold between 50-60 people.

“The idea for this space came from our parent company DO512, who has a really nice lounge down in Austin,” said Lile.

Last Wednesday, local roots rockers The Bonesetters christened the DO317 Lounge with a short set. The group,which formed in Muncie while members attended Ball State, released a full-length, Savages, in 2011.
The space will also serve as the defacto home base for a project associated with MOKB Presents, the video production team LaundroMatinee.

LaundroMatinee is a great project, and something we always wanted to do was incorporate a live audience. Josh [Baker] saw the opportunity for this and has really pushed for us to do this,” said Lile.

When the DO317 Lounge opened on Wednesday, LaundroMatinee was on hand to film a session with the Bonesetters.

“Jeff [DuPont] and Doug [Fellegy] really own that project for us and I lean on them to tell me what I can do,” said Lile. “They’re the real skill and heart behind the project.”

Tickets to events in the DO317 space can be acquired through a variety of ways — RSVPing on, checking out the MOKB Presents Facebook page and entering drawings. Tickets to each show are limited
“We’ll do enough session events to include [both] our loyal ticket buyers and the people who only make it out to a few shows a year,” said Baker.

Having the extra room will allow MOKB Presents to program smaller shows they may not otherwise be able to find a home for, and will also provide a home base for the revolving crew of interns, and part- and full-time workers.
“We get a lot of opportunity to do a lot of shows that we want to do, but aren’t financially viable. Having a space like this allows us the flexibility to do more,” said Lile.

They plan to host approximately four to six shows a month in the new space.

“Our plan is definitely to do something on First Fridays and then we’ll take the other events on a case by case basis,” said Lile.

Baker is excited about moving the day-to-day operations out of his bedroom, the previous headquarters for DO317 and MOKB Presents.

“We got really lucky with this space. We looked at it a couple of times, and Craig Von Deylen, who runs [the Murphy] was a big supporter of working with us and getting us in,” said Baker. “And after we met Brian Presnell [of Midwest Aesthetic and Design] who built out tons of spaces in this building, it all fell into place.”
The lounge is furnished with a variety of locally sourced items, including picture frames turned sound defusers from the Artcraft Theatre; former church light fixtures from Domicile; and trusses from the Fountain Square Theater.

“Brian Alvey supplied all these old PA speakers that Brian Presnell built the bar out of,” said Lile.

It was a group effort.

“Everybody just really came together to make it quaint in here,” said Lile.

The space can also be rented out (“Band practices, radio shows, karaoke parties, private practices, music video recordings” said Baker).

“You may see film screenings in here. We don’t really know yet,” said Baker.

The DO317 crew considers their new location to be the hottest spot for musical growth in the city.

“[Fountain Square] is a place that we believe in and want to be a part of,” said Baker.

Lile agrees.

“We have a vision for this area. We really believe it’s the hub for music in Indianapolis, for creativity in general,” said Lile. “We want to be as close to that ground floor as we can.”

The Lumineers, an alt-country trio out of Denver, Colo. will be the next group to take the DO317 stage. They’ll play a studio set this Friday. See our review of their new album.

LaundroMatinee presents "Parted Ways" by Heartless Bastards.


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