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Bloomington's very cool Americana singer/songwriter Bobbie Lancaster is closer to getting her first solo album released. She has been back from the Memphis Folk Alliance for a couple weeks; I asked her how that went and how close she is to getting her new record released.

"Jennie Devoe came down and contributed some really beautiful background vocals last week, and now I'm in the final stages of mixing and should be done by the 18th of this month," Lancaster said. "I met with my friend and photographer Shannon Zahnle about graphics on Monday.

"The end is near."

Though there are no announced plans for a formal CD release shows yet, look for some once Bobbie gets the album completed.

"I haven't wanted to put a bunch of pressure on myself," she said. "So I decided to focus on the quality of the project first and put the rest together once the 'it's going to sound like this forever' part is done."

EXCLUSIVE: listen to "The Tragic Tale of Maggie Donavan" from Bobbie Lancaster's upcoming album

Looking back on the Folk Alliance, a non-public showcase for artists, promoters, venues, booking agents, or assorted other music biz-types, Lancaster got an emotional charge out of an event that seems (from the outside) ripe for mercenary-slanted behavior.

"There are hundreds upon hundreds of amazing writers, great instrumentalists, and vocalists out there. The trip reminded me that if I don't write these songs and share this music and let my spirit sing, I won't be happy."

Lancaster also ran into Hoosier folk man Tim Grimm while she was there, and sang backup at his showcase.

"We went out in the hallway and figured out what songs I knew, polished them up and played a nice set. People really loved him there."

Lancaster opens for David Mallett at the Americana Concert Series in Columbus on Sunday night (March 14). Mallett, a folkie who fled Nashville for Maine, sings tales of small town and rural life that should sound familiar and true to Hoosier music fans.

Show details: UUCCI, 7850 West Goeller Blvd., 7pm 812.342.9517, show website $12 adv., $15 door.


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