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It's catching, that Colts Fever. It'll turn you blue. Make you whinny and stomp. Sometimes rap and sing.

Case one: Rusty Redenbacher of Mudkids getting his neigh on, asking "Can we do it again?" in the chorus of his band's "Do It Again (Go Colts '10)," which is available for free download at The song is a follow-up of sorts to "Rock N' Roll Pt. 1 (Go Blue remix)," which was viewed over 120,000 times on YouTube.

Case two: Dance band Living Proof's song "Scream Ya Necks Off (Go Horse)," which is also a second Colts-related effort by a band, following on Living Proof's 2006 song "Superbowl Sway." Hear it at

But New Orleans truly has this city beat when it comes to tribute songs, at least in terms of quantity. Just take a gander at this impressive playlist:


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