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Music: Grey Granite album due Feb. 22



We got a promo copy of Grey Granite's upcoming album Lust Poisons Pride, which will meet the world Feb. 22. He emphasizes that this is "100% Grey Granite & J. Brookinz MEANING: I wrote all of the songs, J. Brookinz and I Produced all the music, J.Brookinz Mixed all of the songs, I created all the art work and design layout, and all the songs were recorded by me or our Dee Jay Btam." So there.

We'll have more on it as the release date rolls around, but I don't think we ever passed along his video for "The Road," which was released last year and is the second track on the upcoming record. I find the rapid-fire cutting a bit annoying, but it's a solid production nonetheless.

Grey Granite - The Road from Another Cool Design on Vimeo.


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