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Couple of updates of one of hardest working bands around.... There's a new interview with The Elms' Owen Thomas, recorded on a recent stop in Grand Rapids, MI, and it's available online - CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

And if you haven't yet seen the pairing of the song "This is How The World Will End" with their buddy Luke Renner's video, it now becomes a "must see" for you. I've posted that video below, to make it easy for you to get to....

Wonderful job of melding heartbreaking Haiti images with the music, one of their anthems-in-waiting. Maybe this video will help all involved.

The Elms are donating all proceeds from the digital sales of the song "This Is How The World Will End" to Haitian earthquake relief efforts through CARE International. The track is available through at iTunes and most other music sales sites.


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