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My interest was piqued by the headline to this press release, which I thought might have been less than carefully crafted: "AFTER FALLING VICTIM TO KIDNAPPING/ROBBERY, THE UGLY MONKEY NIGHTCLUB PLANS A SUPER BOWL PARTY AND A FUNDRAISER FOR THE LEGACY HOUSE AND OUTREACH, INC."

Can a club be kidnapped?

Well, sort of. It's an unfortunate story with a, hopefully, redemptive ending. We'll take it from the release:

"On the evening of the 2010 AFC Championship, one of The Ugly Monkeys owners, Todd Soupy Campbell, was abducted from his home in Indianapolis, forced to drive to The Ugly Monkey, and forced to empty the contents of the safe."

The release goes on to note that the locally-based owners were "working hard to re-build an attractive, safe, and entertaining venue" before the incident, and that they may have to close the Monkey's doors as a result of the robbery.

But they've resolved to "FIGHT BACK" through a Feb. 6 benefit show that will funnel proceeds to three outfits: The Ugly Monkey, domestic violence advocacy organization Legacy House and Christian homeless mission Outreach, Inc.

Via the benefit, organizers hope to "give back to organizations that help members of the community overcome the kinds of tragedies" of which Campbell found himself a victim.

The benefit runs from 6 to 8 p.m. and will feature three bands, Johnny Feelgood, Brad Odom and RECORDS, as well as silent auction that will include Colts memorabilia.


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