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My punk rock summer wish list



I like to gripe about lots and lots of things, but one of my favorite things to gripe about are the bands that never come to Indianapolis. Sure, I am grateful for the great bands that do come through town, but this Summer, there are a few shows that I would just love to see.

1.Gaslight Anthem: Of all the punk bands to emerge in the last five years, GLA has definitely been one of the most impressive. Their dramatic, energetic Americana sound has drawn hefty comparisons to Bruce Springsteen. Personally, I think that GLA is better than The Boss. I would much rather pay $15 to see GLA play at The Emerson than pay $75 to see The Boss at Conseco Fieldhouse. I almost booked GLA three years ago, but their tour manager said "NO BASEMENTS!". I'm crossing my fingers that with the release of their third album, American Slang, the band's increased popularity will force them to make a stop in Indianapolis.

2.Bomb The Music Industry!: Alright, alright, I know that these guys have played in Indianapolis before (and always in the Summer), but it has been far too long since their last show here. Last year, the New York ska-punk-electro-folk-indie-whatever collective released their most critically acclaimed album, Scrambles. Then, earlier this year, they released an incredible follow-up EP, Adults!!!: Smart!!! Shithammered!!! And Excited by Nothing!!!!!!!. With so much new material released since their last visit (and a growing fanbase), a Summer time BTMI show would totally hit the spot.

Bomb The Music Industry!: Dont you just love ska?
  • Bomb The Music Industry!: Don't you just love ska?

3.Against Me!: Say what you will about the Floridian folk-punk quartet, but at one point we all loved them. Their rousing punk anthems expressed what it was to be a teenage anarchist (or to stop being a teenage anarchist) in America. Despite their long-time connection with the folk-punk Mecca of Bloomington, the band has never played in Indianapolis (and if you want to count Warped Tour, then technically, they played in Noblesville). With a huge album of theirs about to drop in a few days (the incredible White Crosses, I am crossing my fingers that their new touring schedule is going to finally bring them here

4.The Thermals: I know that these guys (and gal) have played the Vogue before, but that was over three years ago (with The Hold Steady...I'm still kicking myself for missing that one). Since then, the band has released their best album to date: Now We Can See. With tons of punk and indie rock buzz/cred, the band would be foolish NOT to stop through again. I also need to make atonement with the band for missing their 2007 show.

5.Gogol Bordello: Seriously, I have missed several opportunities to catch these guys live, and I am still kicking myself. Their fifth, and most recent album, Trans-Continental Hustle is their first under the guise of producer guru Rick Rubin. I don't even know how big of a venue these guys would need, but I don't even care. I'd pay to see them where ever they played: Emerson, Vogue, Murat. Okay, maybe not the Murat. But still...I really want to see them.

Gogol Bordello: I would do anything to see them. Even murder...
  • Gogol Bordello: I would do anything to see them. Even murder...


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