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Napolese tease



A gorgeous white pizza with arugula and proscuitto.
  • A gorgeous white pizza with arugula and proscuitto.
April 19, people. That’s when the black and gold-gilded doors on the long-anticipated Napolese open on 49th Street. I was in there Wednesday visiting with owner Martha Hoover, pizzaiolo Tyler Herald, and communications guru CJ Pippen. In the span of our one-hour meeting, at least two Meridian Kessler neighborhood strollers took it upon themselves to open the cracked door — which had just been unlocked, Herald told me, in honor of the nice day. The prying passersby were rewarded with samples, which I have attached for your food porn pleasure.

Hoover has done her research. Even before the current Neapolitan pizza craze that’s reached fever pitch in the last year or so, she that claims her love of real, rustic food that’s simple to eat, make and enjoy had led her to this venture about four years ago. Since then, she’s been sampling from the American greats of Neapolitan-style slices. That means visits to Mario Batali’s Osteria Mozza, holy-grail Pizzeria Bianco in Pheonix, and NYC’s Keste Pizzeria & Vino , whose owner, Roberto Caporuscio, is close enough with Hoover that she’s actually spending Easter at his establishment.

If you need more stats and street cred: Napolese uses a Wood Stone wood-burning oven (it made more sense than one from Italy, Hoover said, which can be a real pain to get fixed). Dough will feature Neapolitan golden standard Caputo “Tipo 00” flour, and Hoover and chef have trained with its American importers.


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