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Necropolis/Zombie Inn/Dark Terrors Haunted house



Four and a half stars

For those of you who are considering Necropolis, take heart! This haunted house is a behemoth.  With $17, you can get into the dinosaur, Necropolis, or you can get a combo ticket for $25 and gain access to Zombie Inn and Dark Terrors as well. Necropolis had about a 20-minute walk through time, starting with an introduction to the rules by an animatronics talking skeleton peering down at us. In the first room, visitors walk through a sewer, complete with running water, dyed green. Yes, there is a room with stock movie characters, but the rest is original.

Bob Kirts has worked on this attraction for 16 years, perfecting this beast with unexpected originality. The only negative is the long line, which can be anywhere from a 1.5-2hr. wait. They do sell “Advance to the front of the line” tickets for an additional $8.


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