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Negronis for Life: Negroni Week in Indianapolis

June 6-12 is Negroni Week, which means you get to drink to give back


I recently interviewed the five Indianapolis bartenders who competed in the World Class Bartending Competition. Out of those five bartenders, four of them named the Negroni as their drink of choice. Moral of the story: drink more Negronis. According to Josh Gonzales, owner and bartender at Thunderbird in Fountain Square, “The Negroni is a simple cocktail composed of equal parts gin, Campari and sweet vermouth. These three components work together to create a drink that is a perfect balance of bitter-sweet goodness.”

If you’ve never tried this delicious elixir (or if it’s your go-to cocktail), the week of June 6-12 is Negroni Week and it is the perfect reason to drink as many of these bittersweet mixes as you can. Fifteen bars around Indianapolis will be giving back $1 to charity for every Negroni sold during this week. In 2015, more than 3,500 bars and restaurants raised over $320,000 toward charitable causes. This year is looking to be even bigger.

According to Gonzales, “It's usually the first drink serious bartenders fall in love with and one that can be riffed infinitely. Ordering one at a bar is the equivalent of knowing the secret bartender handshake. You will instantly be recognized as an experienced drinker and you'll most likely be treated as a member of the inner circle.”

The bars that are a part of the event so far in Indianapolis include: The Alley Cat, Black Market, Iozzo’s, Jazz Kitchen, Libertine, Liberty Street, Marrow, Mesh, Metro, Pizzology, Plat 99, Rook, Seasons 52, Tini, and Union 50.

If it were me, I would get one Negroni at each bar, that’s only two a day and three one day. No two Negronis are going to taste the same and who knows, maybe you’ll find your new favorite drink in the city. Just listen to Ryan Puckett of Libertine, “You can switch the gin, vermouth, and the proportions up and have a very different cocktail so that would keep it interesting enough. And its pretty great at any time of the day. Negronis all day.” Like the proverb: “two to three Negronis a day keeps the doctor away.”

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