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Neon Love Life's video love letter to Indy



Neon Love Life | Love Control from Mays Entertainment, LLC on Vimeo.

Neon Love Life is quickly establishing a reputation as one of the coolest bands in the city. Matt Mays long ago established himself as one of Indianapolis’ most talented filmmakers and video directors. A team-up between the two was inevitable, and produced appropriately high-quality results in the video for Neon Love Life’s “Love Control,” which is a gleeful, low-budget love letter to music and unabashed emotion that’s nonetheless as polished as anything you’ll ever see in this city:

Last year, when I first wrote about Neon Love Life, I tried to compare them to certain musical icons. I believe the video supports my characterization one hundred percent.

Lindsay Manfredi: 1990s alt-rock frontwoman
Sharon Rickson: 1970s garage-band rocker
Tasha Blackman: Animal from the Muppets
Ashley Plummer: Jimmy Page

For those who don’t know me, rest assured that these are all presented in the most positive possible manner. Even the Muppet thing. Okay, ESPECIALLY the Muppet thing.

Anyway, this is as good a time as any to mention that Neon Love Life debuts their first album, “Tuesday Night,” Friday, Sept. 2 at Radio Radio. Get your butt out there, as there is not possibly anything more awesome going on in this city that night.


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