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New John Flannelly, touring with Shame Thugs


Just a duck gettin' his hair done. - MIHAIFRANCU // YOUTUBE
  • mihaifrancu // YouTube
  • Just a duck gettin' his hair done.

John Flannelly posted his new album, Chillin' On Earth, last night on MFT. Stream it below.

And here's a perfect video from Flannelly, handy for stifling any panic attacks you feel coming on. (It has been noted by a fellow viewer that this could actually induce panic attacks, but I maintain that once you get to the ducks, it's very soothing.)

He's touring with newbie duo Shame Thugs, who've also got a few tracks on MFT. They've popped up at about every venue in town lately, opening for Vacation Club's release show and Headdress Records' mixtape release, among many others. Catch 'em at MFT's 10th anniversary party on Saturday.

Here's a full list of tour stops.


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