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I experienced 45 minutes of pure bliss seeing Memory Map (for the first time in years!) last weekend in Cincinnati, where they played with Gazer and Fluffer. We'll have a long story on the band's glorious (and somewhere unexpected) return in next week's NUVO. Here's a taste:

Even now, being BUB's caretaker is "more than a full-time job," Bridavsky says. He oversees sales, keeps fresh photos and videos online, fields a couple news interviews per week, and every month or so escorts his kitty to a public appearance, often to benefit animal-related charities.

As 2012 continued, therefore, Memory Map's future dimmed. But then, with echoes of Spinal Tap, they were beckoned from the Land of the Rising Sun.

"We were about to break up, honestly," Bridavsky says. "September of 2012 is when we were asked to go to Japan for the first time, and that's really what brought us back together."It seems the staff and customers of a record store in Japan had fallen in love with the Holiday Band album and invited the American quartet over for some well-received shows, no doubt enhanced by the frontman's ability to speak the native tongue.

Here's the crazy part:

"The Japanese connection had nothing to do with Dixon speaking Japanese or that we had already made a record in Japanese," Bridavsky says. "When we told them we had an EP in Japanese, they were like, 'What? This is insane!'"

Internet celebrity cats? Japanese coincidences? We'll have the full story next week. In the meantime, listen to track one from The Sky As Well As Space below. The full album is over at Spin. They'll play at Joyful Noise next Friday.


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