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New Modern Warfare 2 maps spice up gameplay



Online video game competition can get boring. You can only have so many crushing victories over seven-year-olds (who managed to get a game for adults in their hands) and couch potatoes with nothing better to do before a game like Modern Warfare 2 gets stale.

Thankfully, the developers have given fans of the first person shooter the Resurgence map pack in exchange for 1200 Microsoft Points (for readers that live in the real world, that's about $15).

The five maps offer environments that are both new and old alike to Call of Duty players.

Trailer Park
Why would teams of terrorists and soldiers choose to duke it out in a trailer park? Who knows, but you can add endless gun battles to the list of problems plaguing trailer parks, already including inclement weather, annoying neighbors and Colt 45.

Seriously, the map is tons of fun. The area has a bunch of junk and mobile homes to run through, but don't expect cover from bullets, because aluminum siding is definitely NOT bullet proof.

Fuel is an interesting map. It takes place in some sort of refinery with tall buildings to snipe from and some decent places to camp.

Sometimes developers have trouble making a balanced map. It isn't a problem with Fuel, which solidifies it as a fun, dynamic locale.

Carnival is just cool. Broken down roller coasters make for sweet sniping spots. An abandoned castle attraction gives unique vantage points over different foot paths.

Don't be surprised when the other team uses what could have been wholesome fun before a decade of disrepair to dominate the map.

Fans of the first Modern Warfare game should be happy to see this remake. The abandoned office building and adjacent outdoor zones seem to be taken verbatim from the original. But the graphical update is nice.

Strike is another revamped map. It's known for its wide streets, elevated sniper havens and narrow alleys. With papers strewn about the streets and decrepit cars rusting away, Strike is delightful to look at.

The new map pack is expensive. However, Infinity Ward has made some quality maps for avid Xbox 360 gamers. Happy hunting.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Rated M
Resurgence map pack
1200 Microsoft Points (about $15)


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