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New music: (Rev.) Peyton on (Charley) Patton



Peyton as Patton
  • Peyton as Patton

New today: A couple tracks from Rev. Peyton's Peyton on Patton, a 13-track collection devoted to songs by "King of the Delta Blues" Charley Patton and set for release July 19 on SideOne Dummy.

The album will feature 11 Patton tracks, including "A Spoonful Blues," "Mississippi Boweavil Blues," "Tom Rushen Blues," "Jesus Is a Dying Bed Maker," "Prayer of Death, Part 1," "You're Gonna Need Someone (When You Come to Die)," as well as three versions of "Some of These Days I'll Be Gone" rendered in different keys and arrangements.

Peyton is the star on this one, and the rest of the band is used sparingly, with Washboard Breezy supplying background vocals and washboard on a few tracks and drummer Aaron Persinger pounding out a gentle beat on a century-old tobacco barrel.

We'll grab from SideOne Dummy's press release for a few quotes from the Rev., who notes that Robert Johnson is good and all, "But there's only one King of the Delta Blues, and his name was Charley Patton. I'll go toe-to-toe with anyone who says different." And while Peyton has long pledged allegiance to Patton, this is his most sustained tribute to the country blues musician, who recorded 50-some songs between the advent of electric recording in the late '20s and his death in 1934.

Peyton says he aimed for authenticity: "I am a songwriter and an artist, but for this I wanted to stay as true to Charley's music as I could. We recorded the entire record in one day with one microphone, the same way Charley's first recordings were done."

The band is set to play a couple local festivals this summer, both in Military Park: Vintage Indiana on June 4 and Rib America on September 2.

Peyton on Patton by SideOneDummy


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