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New Rodeo Ruby Love track, "America's Funniest Home Videos"



Finally, the prescient and unheralded precursor to YouTube, America's Funniest Home Videos, gets the recognition it deserves, via this paean of the same name lovingly crafted by Indiana boys Rodeo Ruby Love.

Wait, that's not quite right. In fact, I wish this tune from their upcoming album, This Is Why We Don't Have Nice Things, which is premiering today right here on, wasn't titled "America's Funniest Home Videos," because I have to swallow back a little vomit before listening, as it's impossible to even hear the show's name without a hearty wave of nausea.

But the song itself, not nausea-inducing. Pretty good, actually, pleasingly episodic, moving from herky-jerky, emo-inflected power pop to a more laid-back and unexpected horn-driven coda.

Take a listen:

Adorable, and so many of them...
  • So many of them...

When the record arrives June 29 on Crossroads of America Records, it'll be that label's 25th overall release. Incidentally, I'm impressed by the lineup and concept behind Crossroad's Laminar Excursion Monthly, a 3-inch CD subscription service whose run started in January 2010, and features up to 20 minutes of unreleased material per month by artists including Richard Swift, Damien Jurado, Cotton Jones and pretty much everyone on the label itself.

The band is headed for a Daytrotter session in the near future, and will play Muncie April 17 (Village Green Records) and Indianapolis April 22 (Vollrath). Then they'll make another swing through this state in May before heading west on a month-plus tour of the open plains, the West coast and Texas in June and July.


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