(News) Beg for change, go to jail in Indy?


Claiming his interest lies in protecting the safety of those desperate enough to beg for change or work at intersections, City-County County Councillor Michael J. McQuillen has offered legislation against it.

According to the Marion Co. Republican Committee, McQuillen introduced Proposal 237-2009, which will further restrict the practice of soliciting donations at intersections, at last night's City-County Council Meeting because of his concerns for the public safety risk posed.

"Panhandling in intersections is a major public safety risk," said Councillor McQuillen. "Not only are citizens who stand in intersections at risk, but traffic accidents increase when folks stop their vehicles unexpectedly. We need to address panhandling intersections as a public safety measure."

The proposal has been referred to the Public Safety and Criminal Justice Committee.

"I encourage citizens to look into this proposal and support it," said McQuillen. "Mayor Ballard and our City leaders have already done much to find alternatives to discourage panhandling. This proposal is not only about the practice, but the dangers posed to those who undertake it."


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