(News) Free compliments at the Indiana Statehouse


The two Purdue students who have made compliments newsworthy of late are spending the day at the Indiana Statehouse tomorrow, courtesy of the Lt. Governor.

"In a lighthearted attempt to create a pleasant atmosphere during an intense period of the legislative session," says Lt. Governor Skillman's office.

Brett Westcott and Cameron Brown, Purdue University's "Compliment Guys", will be at the State House Tuesday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., offering their trademark free compliments to legislators, lobbyists, media, and other Hoosiers who may walk by.

Westcott and Brown have received national attention for their practice of giving free compliments for two hours each week on Purdue's West Lafayette campus, as well as the occasional stint on Monument Circle in Downtown Indianapolis. They have also been featured on Good Morning America and are scheduled to appear on Oprah.

"It will be refreshing for legislators to receive a compliment from somebody who doesn't want something in return," Lt. Governor Skillman said.

Uh... you mean taxpayers, Becky?

"The Compliment Guys will start their day outside the Lt. Governor's office, Room 333, at 2 p.m." says Skillman's office. (Nice of them to accommodate the start your day at 2 pm mindset, btw)

Click the link to see the Compliment Guys in action:


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