News: Going round in circles in Carmel


Following a grilling by his city council last night, the mayor of Carmel has now been tagged as a quid pro quo politician by Hamilton Co. Democrats.

In response to the continuing developments regarding the financing of the Keystone Avenue roundabout project, Hamilton County Democratic Party Chair, Keith Clock, is asking for the state Attorney General to consider investigating the matter for any malicious wrongdoing or corruption.

Clock says a preliminary investigation has revealed that the engineering firm hand-picked by Mayor Brainard donated $10,000 to Brainard's campaign committee. According to Brainard's campaign finance report filed on January 21, 2009, the donations were accepted the same month American Structurepoint disclosed the cost estimate of the Keystone Avenue construction project.

"This appears to be more of the pay to play politics that persist in Hamilton County," Clock said. "If you take a look at the campaign contributions that these officeholders receive, it's a list of who's who of engineering firms that are doing the construction projects here, and Mayor Brainard is no exception. "

This one is gonna get ugly. As the price tag for the roundabouts keeps climbing, expect the political wrangling and mudslinging to do the same.


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